Hair Trial Prep Tips Your Stylist Wants You To Know!

Updos work better on dirty hair right? Can I use the flat iron the night before? My hair doesn’t hold curls should I wear it up? Will she be able to make my hairstyle look just like my picture of Julianne Hough's magically soft side swept up do?!

These are just some of the questions you may be asking yourself before your hair trial. With so many different opinions out there how do you know which ones to trust? In this series of blog posts, your trusted hairstylist [moi :) ] is here to tell you what your stylist has been lying to you for years about & how you can be prepare for your trial! In this first post I will talk about pictures & how to have real exceptions when it comes to your own hair.



Will she be able to make my hairstyle look just like my picture?

Some hair stylists hate pictures. I am not one of those hairstylists! I absolutely love when my clients share pictures of their desired hairstyles with me. Trust me when I say I see the same pictures all the time, mainly the pictures above, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the right fit for your hair. I take the pieces of your desired hairstyle that you love & personalize it to you from my own interpretation. It is very rare when someone shows me a picture of an updo they want & they have the same length, texture & volume as the person in the picture. I would say it is possible to have a very similar style to pictures you provide but always keep in mind that almost all of those pictures you see on Pinterest or Instagram use a lot of hair extensions. 

EXCEPTION TO THE RULE: For all you rule breakers out there this is for you! There are no real exceptions here, keep an open mind when choosing your hairstyle & hair extensions always help!


Check back every Thursday for trial tips your stylist wants you to know! Find out one of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make before your hair trial in my post next Thursday!


Your Trusted Hair Stylist