Hair Trial Prep Tips Your Stylist Wants You To Know! Part 2

If your hair stylist ever told you 'your hair doesn't curl, you can't wear it down' this blog is for you! You've been living your life deprived of those tousled, messy curls you see on every Instagram post. But what if I told you that your hair may actually hold a curl & you can have those soft, loose romantic waves you've been dreaming of for your wedding day! Read how below!

Photo by Courtney McKenzie

Photo by Courtney McKenzie


My hair doesn’t hold curls do I have to wear it up?

This is something I hear a lot from clients, they desperately want to wear their hair down & curled but they worry it won’t stay in the whole night. It is really something that depends on your hairs natural texture for a curl to take but it also depends on how your hair is curled. Your hair may not hold a curl when you style it yourself due to the size of the iron you are using or you may need extra help by setting your curls first. Something to really consider when wanting to wear your hair down is the texture - if you have very baby fine hair, curls usually fall flat a lot quicker. Fine hair needs a little more extra love, something that helps is to pop in some clip in hair extensions & those curls will last twice as long! I always recommend adding hair extensions to all my clients because it gives your hair that extra ‘hello bombshell’ look!

Your trial is the time to try different styling techniques to see what your own hair is capable of. You’ll be able to determine which style curl works best for you – classic, vintage or loose waves. There are many different methods to ensure your curls will last throughout your wedding day, so you don’t always have to settle & go for an updo. Make sure to ALWAYS ask your stylist to try multiple hair styles for you trial because this is when you’re not on a schedule & you can mess around with different looks. Also ask  if there are different types of curls you can try because you may be surprised which one you actually love the most. Hollywood waves anyone? 

EXCEPTION TO THE RULE: Curls are less likely to hold when you have naturally straight texture.

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