Where To Get Gorgeous

The 2016 Wedding Report Polls are in &  the newest trends of 2016 are being revealed! This wedding season it's all about relaxing & feeling like a vip bride. Which is why when today’s brides were polled nearly 50% all said they want to get ready at the same location! If you’re still unsure about where to get gorgeous let me help guide you!

There’s one thing that has dramatically changed in the way bride’s today get ready compared to 10 years ago & that’s the location of where to get ready. 10 years ago your only option was to go to the hair salon, cramp everyone around one station, yell across the salon to your friends & feel like everyone was giving you the stank eye. Not anymore! The biggest trend of 2016 is having the beauty pros travel to you for your own VIP treatment at the location of your choice!


Whether you're getting ready at home, a hotel bridal suite or a venue bridal suite, the convenience of having the artists come to you is a no brainer these days. Who doesn’t want to feel like a celebrity for a day, especially on the day where it’s all about YOU! You have your own personal glam squad, each guest has their own artist focus solely on them, a more intimate experience where you & your guests feel more comfortable being able to explain exactly what they want without feeling rushed or intimidated by all the people at a busy salon.  

By having the artists come to you, you have SO much more flexibility on the day of your wedding! You can host a brunch with all of your closest girlfriends & drink endless mimosas while having your makeup put on for you! Create those special memories with your bridal party while having the photographer capture the fun getting ready moments. Sleep in on the day of the wedding, no one wants to get up earlier than they have to! If you're getting ready in a hotel bridal suite no need to drive anywhere which is even better!

Do yourself a favor & worry about one less thing by having the beauty artists come to YOU! Contact me today to schedule a hair & makeup trial for your wedding!

With love,

Your Trusted Stylist


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