Reinvent Your Look : 5 Easy Makeup Transformation Tips

Wearing the same old look, using the same old products for the past 5 years & just need a change? There are so many makeup styles you might not even realize how outdated yours is - which is why I’m here to help you reinvent your look!

Let’s talk about what’s trending right now & what’s NOT! Find out if your makeup is working for you or against you. Makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty while helping to conceal your imperfections. But as always people get stuck in their ways & think their blue eye shadow with no brows is working for them. If you’ve been considering switching up your look but don’t know where to start always look to what’s trending, back in the 90’s body glitter was a thing & I sure as hell hope no one has a Bath & Body Works roll on glitter somewhere in their makeup bag…


Kendall Jenner beaming with a natural looking bronzey glow, simple full lashes, bold brows & a glossy pout

Kendall Jenner beaming with a natural looking bronzey glow, simple full lashes, bold brows & a glossy pout

 bold brows – fuller lashes – glowing skin –  natural contouring – neutral shadows – matte & glossy lips


 boxed brows – drag queen lashes – heavy contouring – glitter eye shadows – dramatically over lined lips


Swap this for that:

-          Swap winged eye liner with a black eye shadow for a less dramatic look. Leave the wing behind!

-          Swap penciling in your entire brow & only focus on defining the middle to ends for a natural brow shape.

-          Swap bronzer with a highlighter – place on tops of cheekbones, middle of nose & cupids bow

-          Swap long wispy lashes for natural individual lashes  or a fuller mascara

-          Swap crème contouring with powder contouring for a subtle correction – leave the crème to the pros!


How to make your transformation easier:

-          Start with one area at a time, don’t overwhelm yourself & change your brows, eye shadows & lipstick all at once. Pick one area & try that first. Buy a new lipstick to try out for Saturday night or play around with some neutral shadows!

-          Watch tutorials!! I can’t stress this on enough. There are so many amazing makeup tutorials out there that show you step-by-step how to apply lashes, how to get naturally glowing skin & so much more!

-          Know that you will look different & might feel uncomfortable at first but you’ll get over it quick! The first time I filled my brows in I was so unsure how I felt about it – I knew I liked it but I felt weird going out in public. I sent a picture to my friends, showed my mom & they made me feel like wow I needed this- LOL! Within a month I was looking back on pictures saying how did I never fill in my brows before?!?!

-          Practice, practice, practice! The first time you do something it’s not going to look perfect, I was a victim of the boxed brow & drag queen lashes at one point too but I never gave up!

-          Try a variety of different products, don’t settle for just one! Different products give different results – for example if you’re inexperienced in the brow department & don’t want to overdo it at first, start with a pencil opposed to a paint pot or a shadow. A pencil will give you the most natural look without becoming box-y.


Love this blog & want to know what my favorite trending products are?! Let me know in the comments below! 

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