Timeless Bride

“I’m a bridal makeup purist.  Women should look like the most beautiful version of HERSELF on the big day. Looking timeless is the key, but timeless doesn’t mean you can’t look modern.  Always keep the bridal “ahhhhh factor” in mind.  You want to hear that soft sound of recognition, confirming you are the undisputed star of this event.  Beautifully applied makeup that accentuates and enhances all of your best features is the only way to bring on the “ahhhhh’s”.” – Kevin James Bennet 

Recently I read an amazing blog by world renowned professional makeup artist Kevin James Bennett called The Best Bridal Makeup Tips! One thing that really inspired me from his post was how he talked about being the ‘Timeless Bride’. This is something I 100% agree with!! Now you’re thinking, but Marissa what are timeless bridal looks?! Well let’s go back in time & start with the most iconic bridal look on the gorgeous Grace Kelly...

Grace Kelly is the perfect example of a timeless bride! This photo was taken in 1956 & the makeup style is still relevant to today's wedding makeup. Natural, simple & elegant with slight contouring & a pop of color on the lips. To add a touch of modern to this look I would just add some false lashes to really enhance the eyes, other than that you can’t go wrong with this effortless look! I would recommend this for my natural beauties who are a little makeup shy!

Marilyn Monroe has one of the most iconic makeup styles & on her wedding day in 1956 of course she wore her famous look! Since I couldn't find a color picture of her wedding day makeup, I went with this classic Marilyn photo! For today’s brides this is a vintage style; winged black liner with wispy lashes paired with bold red lips. For a modern flare I might add some soft shadows to the eyes or go with a brick red instead of a vibrant red. Recommended for all the retro style brides who crave the vintage wedding look!

Audrey Hepburn’s faux wedding in the famous movie Funny Face, 1957. Although this is a movie wedding, who can deny the timeless makeup look Audrey had?! Fresh faced with bold brows, long lashes, black liner & soft neutral lips make this iconic!  This look has been recreated by so many brides - why you ask? Because it's timelessModernize this look by adding a little glow to the cheeks. Recommended for either boho or natural brides!

Princess Kate’s wedding in 2011 was the quintessential modern day bride. I remember watching it on TV & when I first saw her gown from the front with her soft flowing hair my jaw dropped! Talk about the perfect ‘ahhh factor’! When your eyes were able to move past that gown (it took me awhile) to notice her classic makeup style, I’m sure you let out an ‘ahhhh’ too! Flushed pink cheeks, lightly smoked out liner, bold brows, radiant natural glowing skin & nude lips. I don’t have any modernized tips for this look because it is such a timeless modern day bride look! Recommended for natural or makeup savvy brides! 

Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West in 2014 still gives me the chills! When I saw that dress with that hair & those eyes I just about hit the floor & died! ‘Ahhhhh factor’ indeed!! Classic Kim with the dramatic smokey eye but yet so simple to not take away from her stunning gown. Lightly contoured, neutral glossy lips, black smokey shadows with fluffy lashes & bold brows. No modernizing needed for this look either since this is still super modern for brides who love just a little more glam/dramatic makeup look! 

So what do all these timeless beauties have in common? They kept it simple! Nothing over the top & they enhanced their natural features- Grace Kelly played up her gorgeous blue eyes; Marilyn showed off her plump lips; Audrey focused on her bold brows & lashes; Kate enhanced her stunning cheek bones; Kim highlighted her striking eyes. Focus on your natural features & save the trendy looks for your guests! Don't over do your makeup, let your dress be the jaw dropping focal point!

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