Personalizing Your Wedding Makeup!

Are you having trouble finding the makeup style that suits you? Feeling overwhelmed from all the Instagram contour tutorials & big fluffy lashes everyone’s wearing? Let me help you find the perfect style that fits YOU!


The most important part of personalizing your wedding day makeup is to first find out what YOUR makeup style is! Before you dive deep into the depths of Pinterest while sipping wine at midnight (oh is that just me :) heh.) pinning away all those dramatic smokey eye looks, ask yourself these questions –

1.       Do you wear makeup on a regular basis?

2.       If yes, what are your ‘can’t live without’ products?

3.       What makeup do you wear on a night out?

4.       What style best describes you –

Natural/Bohemian, Vintage/Classic, Dramatic/Glam

5.       Which celebrity’s makeup do you resonate with & why?

6.       What are your trouble areas?

7.       Have you ever had your makeup professionally done?


If you answered no to questions 1 & 7, we got a lot to talk about girlfriend! & just know I love my makeup newbie clients!!! You may be extremely overwhelmed by all the Instagram makeup looks out there & want to try multiple looks until you find the one you love. This is key to tell your artist before you have a trial, that way you don’t feel like you're asking too much & your artist understands more about why you want to do pink shadow with winged liner, wispy lashes & then go to no shadow, no lashes & nude lips. You never know what you like until you try it! 

Makeup should be a wardrobe. It’s about adding colors that have a great impact on YOU.” - Francois Nars, Founder & Creative Director

Here is an example of the top 3 most common makeup styles - Natural, Vintage & Dramatic. As you can see each is VERY different & has it's own personality. Which style do you find yourself drawn too? Let me break down the unique traits of each look - 

Natural - Your makeup style is simple, you prefer to focus on the three basics - brows, lashes & lips. No heavy contouring just a soft gleaming glow. Your palette consists of nude, beige, blush pinks & pastel colors. You want you look like you, but a just slightly made up.

Vintage - Taking it back in time to the Hollywood Glam era with a little more classic look. Sleek black eyeliner paired with a bold red lip makes you feel like the bombshell you are! Clean, simple eyes with the focus on the lips, liner & a little contour is always fun. Your palette consists of creams, hues of red or any other daring color, & classic black.

Dramatic - Makeup shy? Never you! Eyeliner & eye shadow excites you. Contouring & brow shape are your best friends. You're a makeup vet who isn't afraid to try new makeup trends. The focus is wispy lashes, waterline eyeliner, fun eye shadows & simple lips. Your palette consists of black, brown, nude, shimmers & bold hues.

If you've scheduled your wedding makeup trial, bring this along as a guide! But if you haven't because you're nervous or indecisive, I hope this helps make it easier for you to personalize your wedding makeup style! & remember as a bride you want to look like the most beautiful version of YOU, no one else, just gorgeous you :)


With Love,


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