Hair Trial Prep Tips

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Your hair trial has been scheduled… you’ve reserved your wedding date with us, wooo!! But what now?! Do you schedule a trial? You may be a bit overwhelmed with what to bring, how to prepare, when to schedule, etc. Don’t worry girlfriend we got you covered on exactly what to expect!

Trials are held at owner Marissa’s home studio located in Fox Chase, PA. During your trial you’ll get a personal consult to go over exactly what you want for your beauty look. The day of your wedding can be a little time restrictive. We always recommend booking a trial ahead of time with your artist to see your custom look come together & also to get to know your artist!


Top Knot Bun


Bridal Ponytail


Waterfall Braided Bun


Floral Textured Side Bun

When to Schedule.

Trials can be scheduled as soon as you wish! But should be scheduled no less than 2 months prior to your wedding date. Trials during wedding season are held on week days only Tuesday-Thursday (April-November), weekend availability during off season (December-March).Be sure to have your dress prior to scheduling your trial. Once you start to have your vision of how you want to look on your wedding day (example: classic, boho, romantic, vintage, etc) then it’s time to start planning your beauty look. Shoot us an email to schedule a trial!

How to Plan.

Start planning that Pinterest board girl! Pictures are the best way for us to make sure we’re on the same page. It’s SUPER helpful to have a little bit of an idea of the kind of style you’re looking for. Start looking for pictures with hair styles you love, updos, down styles, braids, hair accessories you like, etc! Head over to our IG to get the best inspo!

What to Bring.

All hair styling products are provided. If you’re planning on wearing a veil you may bring that to your trial. Any hair accessories you have or clip in hair extensions should be brought as well.

How to Arrive.

Please arrive to your trial dry hair ready to be styled. I prefer hair that is clean, 2 days dirty max (example: if your trial is on a Thursday you may wash your hair that Tuesday or even the day of, please arrive with it dry). You may smooth out your hair but no flat ironing prior to your appointment. It’s ideal to wear a white top to your trial, if you’re wearing a black or red top & decide to go for a red lip or pink smokey eye it’ll look totally different when you have your white wedding dress on. White is best :)!

What to Expect.

If you’ve never had your hair professionally done for a wedding you might not know exactly what to expect. I like to break down the process so you’re not in my chair like what the heck is she doing to my hair?! First I always start with a consultation so we know what you like & don’t like. Next I’ll start with hair styling prep which may include some hydration for your hair, smoothing creams or volume products. Depending on the style you choose your hair may be set in curls. The front sections of your hair will be; hair down around your face or all pulled back? Start thinking of those things prior to your trial to help us help you !


Trials are $95 for hair styling, if you’ve already reserved your date with us for hair services & sent in your deposit (yay!) your trial is paid for! Payments can be made via cash, check or Venmo @prettyonarrival


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my trial reserve my wedding date?

No, & we don’t want you to lose your date! Trials do not reserve your wedding date, only with a signed contract will your date be held.

Where can I find hair accessories?

My favorite hair accessories are by Ulyana Aster, they’re VERY affordable, custom made, amazing to work with & she has different varieties of accessories. You can find floral hair pieces, clips, smaller gems to place throughout your hair, tiaras/headbands or even longer pieces for mermaid braids.

Where can I buy clip in hair extensions?

We do no provide clip-in hair extensions however my favorite for hair styling are by Zala , they’ll help you color match your hair & they deliver super quick!

How long will my hair trial last?

Plan to spend at least 45mins per service. If you’re getting both hair & makeup plan for about 90mins-120mins total.

Can I bring my mom, friend, etc.

Of course! Moms & friends are always welcome! Sometimes it’s helpful to have them there for support. I do suggest to limit it to two guests as my home studio is a small space.

My mom wants a hair trial too, can she get one with me?

Absolutely!! I highly recommend for moms to get a trial as well. That way we have the time to ensure she likes her hair look without the time restrictions of the wedding day itself.


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