Tame Your Mane!

Last week we talked about how to keep your face staying shine free with my top 5 must have products! Now that all you pretty ladies have gorgeous oil free faces you’re probably saying ‘but Marissa what about how to tame my mane in the humidity?!’ Girlfriend no worries I got you covered in this weeks blog!

This topic is nothing new to us; we’ve all used frizz control products at least once in our lives. I’m not sure about you but I’m the type of person who really needs to understand all the why’s & the in’s & outs of how something works in order to be able to tackle it. That’s why I’m going to lay it all out for you starting with the cause of frizz!

Frizz Causes

Most people don't realize that the actual cause of frizz is because your hair is looking for moisture & when it’s humid there’s excess moisture in the air. Dry hair comes into contact with the moisture packed air & voila you have frizz. You've fried it with coloring, burnt it with the curling/flat iron, haven't cut it in a year & now it's dehydrated! We put our hair through a lot of stress especially when summer is coming & you want to go lighter, no wonder your hair gets frizzy at the first sign of moisture! 

When it's humid out your hair is reaching for the moisture in the air to replenish itself. Think of your hair as SpongeBob. Remember when he would go visit Sandy & he had to wear a helmet? Now think of his helmet as hair conditioning products. The conditioning products lock the moisture into your hair the same way SpongBob’s helmet locks in the water so he can breathe. What happened when he went to Sandy’s one time & didn’t wear his helmet? LOL he nearly dried up & died! That's how your hair feels after a long cold winter full of dry heat, hot tools & hair color with no helmet, DRIED UP girl!

Tame the Mane Basics

During the spring start trying to add that moisture back in! Start with the basics; get a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner that will help begin to get the moistness back in your cuticle. Next go a little deeper into the cuticle by applying a deep conditioning treatment that really penetrates into your hair. Lastly use an oil, serum or blow dry cream to help battle the frizz when blow drying which is when your hair needs it most! 

Whenever you're adding heat to your hair you want to counter act it by using a protective product that will help condition you hair to keep it shiny, healthy & of course frizz free! 


The Frizz First Aid Kit


I’ve talked about a couple different products that you should use in order to help battle the frizz. Now let’s talk about my personal fave brands! If you’ve used a certain product that you absolutely love, don’t be shy, share it in the comments below!

Shampoo & Conditioners:

L’anza Healing Moisture AMAZING products! I used to always use L’anza products until all my beauty stores near me took them out & I still miss it! BUT you can order it online at Ulta or visit their website & find a local salon that sells it!

Tame Frizz by KMS California my now go to for silky smooth hair! This product smells so delicious I find myself sniffing my own hair LOL! KMS has an entire product line dedicated to taming your frizz which I think is just brilliant & I can vouch that all the products really do aid in taming your frizz. Find at your local hair salon or at Ulta!

Deep Conditioning Treatments:

Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask thee most amazing deep conditioner I've ever used to put it simply! You feel a difference in your hair almost immediately. When I was coloring my hair a lot I always used to leave this on for about 10-20 mins once a week. You can buy it in salons or you can order it on their website!

It's A 10 Miracle Hair Mask it's not lying when it says miracle hair mask because this stuff is seriously conditioning! Apple a generous amount one a week for 10-20 mins & you'll feel the difference. You can purchase this mask at Ulta or your local salon!


Moroccan Oil Treatment Original nothing beats the original! Use in towel dried hair from mid-shaft to ends & remember a little goes a long way any serum or oil. Blow dry with a round brush for best results. You can also buy this on their site or your local salon!

KMS California Tame Frizz Taming Cream LOVE this product! Apply about a dime-quarter size amount (depending on hair thickness) to towel dried hair & blow out with a round brush or air dry! This product produces a lot of steam when blow drying, don't get scared you're not burning your hair I promise! That's just the product, you smell burnt hair you don't see it. Find at a salon or at Ulta!

Again these are just my personal favorite products if you have a favorite that tames your frizz please share - I love to try new products :)! Don’t be a helmetless SpongeBob, condition your hair to lock in the moisture & stay frizz free all summer long! 

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